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Sustainability is increasingly becoming important for the business community, both in terms of opportunities to lower operating expenses through asset management practices and risk reduction, and in terms of heightened corporate responsibility to reduce environmental impacts. Aegis works with businesses to identify where waste minimization practices, greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, and water footprinting and conservation efforts can reduce costs and increase publicity as a “green” business. Aegis can provide support on any or all G3 Performance Indicator tracking and reporting for a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) triple bottom line Sustainability program.

Aegis offers many services to help clients build sustainable business practices, including:

  • GHG Inventory and Information Management System development for air, water and waste media tracking
  • Waste minimization and reduction programs, including Comparable Fuel Exclusion applicability
  • Stormwater flow impact analysis for greenscaping, structural BMPs and setting realistic goals of stormwater management
  • Water footprinting and water conservation planning
  • G3 Sustainability Performance Indicator tracking and reporting, including economic, environmental materials, energy, water, biodiversity, emissions, effluents, waste, products and services, compliance and transport, and social
  • Climate Action Plans
  • Environmental control and offset information for sustainability programs, including travel reduction programs, carbon sequestering, greenspace, constructed wetlands and emerging offsets

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