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Air Quality

Get the innovative solutions you need to help you master your regulatory challenges. Backed by strong technical knowledge and extensive experience both in the field and with regulators, Aegis Environmental provides you the tools to achieve and maintain compliance while maximizing operational flexibility. Aegis works with you to evaluate emissions impact, obtain permits, and determine and document compliance with a robust environmental planning and management program. Services include: Air permitting, including minor New Source Review (NSR), Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD), and Nonattainment and Title V NESHAP and NSPS Compliance Strategies Air Dispersion Modeling (AERMOD, CALPUFF) Control Technology Analysis (LAER, BACT, RACT, MACT) Permit Compliance and Air Emissions Tracking using Shield ® Annual Emission Statements and Compliance Certifications Air Emissions Performance Testing Oversight 40 CFR 112(r) Risk Management Plans GHG Inventories Return to...
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Data Management Solutions

Manage your environmental permits accurately and efficiently with Shield® from Aegis. Shield® is an innovative, custom compliance and reporting platform built on Access®. This data management solution is especially designed for industries, governments and educational institutions that require operational flexibility, yet must comply with regulatory requirements. Shield® provides: Flexibility to include air, waste and/or water permits as facility needs dictate Access® platform allows for easy archiving Dynamic structure allows for ease of retroactive corrections to reports State, federal and custom reports on environmental data can be included Easier maintenance and updates that the facility’s own personnel can handle No need for expensive long-term maintenance contracts Database that is delivered entirely to facility ownership with six months or 10 hours of technical support provided Aegis has developed the following Access® Database Modules to assist you in your environmental data and permit compliance tracking: Shield® Air Module: This Module allows for monthly input of equipment use information (such as fuel usage and hours of operation), calculates emissions on a monthly and annual basis and generates your emissions reporting forms for state submittal. This module also features permit compliance tracking, including monthly audits and deviation reports, and environmental task tracking reports. Shield® Air Module is customized to each permit to maximize the usefulness. Shield® Water Module: This Module allows for input of monitoring data and monthly audit question data, and generates deviation reports and DMR forms for submittal. It is customized to your specific permit and can be combined with the Air Module or Training Module. Shield® Waste Module: This Module allows for entry of waste manifest data, calculates your generator status, and combines similar waste streams and reports on the appropriate EPA forms for the biannual reporting. Shield® Training Module: This Module helps you keep track of your required training courses, including schedules, instructors and trainees. Printable rosters and emailable reports of upcoming training needs are standard features. Customization is available as an add-on option. For more information please contact us at Return to...
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Environmental Auditing

Some firms excel at fixing environmental problems after they’ve occurred. Aegis prefers to steer its clients clear of trouble before it begins. Why is environmental auditing a vital part of your operations? Audits are the critical measurement tools of any environmental management program. Audits conducted by an independent, outside entity gauge the effectiveness of the organizational structure and management involvement in facility environmental affairs. A thorough audit will assess compliance with specific permitting and regulatory requirements and evaluate “best management practices” currently utilized in the facility and observed in other industries, with the purpose of improving the facility’s overall environmental program. Additionally, the EPA not only encourages audit programs, but often provides enforcement discretion for self-reporting infractions noted during audits. Aegis has conducted numerous compliance audits for municipalities, academic and industrial/commercial clients, and has assisted in the development of environmental audit programs for baseline compliance and/or Environmental Management System (EMS) programs. Aegis staff consists of professionals certified in the following: RABQSA Environmental Management Systems, RABQSA Management Systems Auditing, RABQSA Leading Management System Audit Teams, LEED AP and Energy Management. Environmental audits offered by Aegis include: Environmental Management System (EMS) Programs Compliance With Oil Pollution Act, Clean Water Act, and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants Landfill Operation Basic Chemical Handling Fire and Police Training Facilities Buildings and Public Works Shops Fleet Maintenance Return to...
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Contingency Planning

Aegis takes a practical approach to developing contingency plans, including designing the plan for the benefit of the target plan user. We understand the more cumbersome the plan the less likely the user will engage in meeting the plan objectives. We have extensive knowledge and experience in developing plans for a variety of clients at various organizational levels. Aegis continues to work with many of its clients for years after the implementation of a plan, which results in the proliferation and regular documentation of the good standard practices typically already in place at a facility; and is a testament to our outstanding customer service. Aegis has successfully developed and helped implement plans to fulfill the environmental regulatory requirements contained in the Oil Pollution Act, the Clean Water Act and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Aegis specializes in integrating plans that satisfy Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC), Oil Discharge Contingency Plan (ODCP) and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) requirements into one concise yet comprehensive document that eases the burden (time and cost) of maintaining the accuracy of multiple plans while improving plan implementation. Aegis also has excellent experience in developing RCRA Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Plans for large quantity generators of hazardous waste. An effective contingency plan not only ensures swift response and cuts unnecessary costs when managing an event, but routine plan review can also drive compliance and prevent incidents before they occur. Return to...
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Environmental Training Capabilities

One of the most important things you can do for your employees and your company is to educate them. Proper training can reduce the cost of company insurance premiums, help avoid an expensive environmental clean-up and penalties and fines, ensure a competitive EMR rate and reduce the expense of loss-time accidents However, searching through stacks of environmental regulations to delineate specific training requirements is a daunting task for over-worked environmental coordinators. Aegis’ environmental training experts can relieve that worry by providing an inexpensive comprehensive training assessment to assist you in determining your specific training needs. We can audit and make recommendations on existing training programs or help you setup a comprehensive training program complete with a database tracking system and recommended course options. We have the ability to design courses that are tailored to the specific needs of your employees and offer the flexibility to alter our existing courses. We specialize in assisting you to determine what training is required for whom so that your shrinking training budget is used for training the correct individuals on the correct material at the correct frequencies. We’ll help you identify the best training methods for a focused audience and design the courses to educate efficiently. Aegis offers training in multiple delivery methods, including, but not limited to, interactive online training, webinars, and onsite (off-the-shelf and custom). Interactive Online Training and Webinars Aegis offers electronic options such as interactive online training and live webinars. These delivery methods have been a rising trend for companies that want to achieve quality interactive training and cost-savings. You can purchase Aegis’ online training individually with the click of a button or you can contact Aegis to order a batch of online training so multiple people at your facility can take the course. The online training features topics related to hazardous waste, hazardous material transportation, and spill prevention control and countermeasures regulations. Aegis is currently expanding this course catalog, so check back often to find the course you are looking for or make a course suggestion by contacting Scott Mortimer at Live webinars are a great way to train your employees on complex regulatory requirements while giving them the advantage of interaction with an expert in the field. Aegis can train your employees by means of a webinar on our off-the-shelf training topics or can tailor the training webinar to your facility’s needs. Webinars are a great tool for comprehensive training while reducing the costs of...
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Environmental Reporting

Aegis has extensive experience in assisting clients with environmental reporting requirements. Accurate and thorough reporting is important in maintaining compliance and in fostering a strong environmental program to reduce liability and risk. Whether you have quarterly, annual or one-time requirements, our experts can help you save time and money by managing and completing your submittal needs. Aegis has developed and submitted reports for large industrial and commercial clients, municipalities, federal government clients and major academic institutions, all in various states. Aegis has used remote access and provided on-site assistance in obtaining necessary information to complete the reports. Some examples include: NSR and Title V air monitoring, CEMS Quarterly Reports, Visible Emissions Method 9 and permit deviation reports, Title V Annual Compliance Certifications and Semi-Annual Monitoring Reports, air emission inventories and other air reports Storm water and wastewater monitoring and discharge reports Hazardous waste identification and generator reports required by RCRA and state-specific regulations Waste reduction/minimization planning and related reports Hazardous chemical and emergency planning reports, including Tier II and TRI Form R Aegis can also help you with your various reporting needs by developing a customized database with auditing capabilities (Shield®) that tracks your monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements, and generates reports for submittal. Return to...
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